I am an Arab woman residing in the city of Istanbul in Turkey. Less than a year ago, I had a nose operation with one of the doctors. Knowing that it was not a plastic surgery merely to solve the breathing problem that I suffer from, the doctor did not take pictures of me before the operation and did not explain anything to me about the operation because he just said The process of solving the breathing problem, that is, the shape of the nose does not change, but after the operation, I was shocked that the shape of my nose changed completely, and my psyche was destroyed, and my condition deteriorated. I began searching for doctors in Turkey to solve the problem of the shape of my nose. Thank God, after great suffering through the Internet, I found Dr. Ilker Manaf Bashi. I began to write to the Public Relations Department for Arabs. They provided me with information about the doctor, and I got answers to my questions. I told them to make an appointment for me as soon as possible. After that, I met the doctor. He examined my nose and told me that I could not have an operation until a year had passed since the first operation, but due to his great insistence, I did not want my nose to look like this until it did. A year passes and I want a temporary solution. He advised me on nasal filler, and I started having nasal filler sessions with him from time to time. He is a very excellent doctor. A year later, I had a rhinoplasty operation, which was one of the most difficult years I had to go through, but I got moral support from Dr. Ilker, who made me feel comfortable and reassured. My operation will be excellent, and indeed it was excellent for this before any operation was performed by Dr. İlker.

Thank you and sorry for the length