My experience with VASER liposuction with Dr. Ulker Manaf Bashi

I will tell you about my experience with liposuction with Dr. Ulker Manaf Bashi in Türkiye

In the beginning, I was not telling you that my husband welcomed the idea and settled down, no, on the contrary, he was one of the first to oppose and was afraid for me.

But I was able to convince him
He saw my psychological condition because of my body and my deprivation of food and my constant exercise, and there was no benefit.
The important thing is that I looked for a doctor who was famous for his operations. Of course, I asked and asked and asked and asked until I did not settle on him.
I wrote to the doctor several times and got all the information I needed until my heart was at ease

The important thing is that I set a travel date and sent them my arrival time in Istanbul so that I could have the inspection done on the same day of my arrival

The operation is the second day because I don't have time to go back to work

I actually came to the appointment and met the doctor, and he showed that Dr. Fahman had experience. The second day I went to the hospital.

On the day scheduled for the hospital at 9 am, I chose the room and the nurses came and prepared me for the operation, which was at 11 am.

Of course, the doctor greeted us and reassured me and my husband.

They took me at 8:30 a.m. to the operating room, and I prayed to God to make things easy for me. To be honest, I was afraid, but the nurses, the anesthesia doctor, and Aid were comfortable and were standing by me.

I met an anesthesia doctor who speaks English and is our translator

And I didn't feel anything except when I was in my room. The important thing is that I opened my eyes and thanked my Lord that I am awake and alive. Praise be to God -

They were putting food on me. Of course, I came out of the operation wearing a corset - a full strong corset from the calf to the chest to tighten the body. I had pain and a cold, but the nurses did their duty and buried me with a body that was blowing warm air.

Until I got better, thank God, and a few hours later they brought me soup, and then I started walking in the corridor in the hospital.

The next day, the doctor came to me in the morning and prescribed me painkillers and antibiotics, and I left the hospital on my way

The pain decreases every day until it disappears within a week to 10 days

The results started to surprise me more and more.

Now, a month after the operation, I am very comfortable

By the way, VASER liposuction is one of the best things invented because it gets rid of fat easily..

If you would like to contact the doctor, this is his number 00905385844484

The person responsible for Arab patients speaks Arabic.