Peace be upon you, my sisters, today I came to thank Dr. Ulker Manaf Bashi, the doctor who provided me with assistance that I will never forget.

A year ago, the doctor asked me about plastic surgery on Khashmi, and the result was very natural
I live in Sweden and I came to Turkey because of Dr. Ulker’s good reputation, which prompted me to undergo plastic surgery on the nose, even though at first I was hesitant about this hobby. This was the first time I had an operation, but after the operation was done and the stents were removed, I felt the difference, even though the nose was swollen, but it was clear that the bone The nose has disappeared and the drooping below the nose has disappeared
The biggest difference I made after six months was that the result was very beautiful. The cheeks fit my face and at the same time it looked like the cheekbones of Hitch. I decided to go back to Dr. Ulker to get liposuction done after my wife told me about it and she said to me, “Ask the doctor what he tells you, and take his advice.”
I called and thank you, the doctor’s assistant, she spoke to me in Arabic and explained everything I needed, and she followed up on everything with me to ensure Zeina’s results. She told me that the pictures are not enough to make a decision, and that the doctor needs to see the body soon and examine it to decide whether the suction procedure is sufficient or whether I need a body lift after that.
I came to Turkey and met with the doctor. He said that my body needs liposuction of the sides and back, and it also needs a tummy tuck. He said that the tummy tuck is the most important operation, considering that it is the clearest and largest on my body.
This time, I went in and went through the operation, and I was reassured that the result would be beautiful, God willing, but I was surprised after the operation. In reality, how would liposuction be done, and I was sitting and watching my back and my waist that had not changed in size after the operation!!
Dr. Jani and his assistant, who speaks Arabic, told me that the body is still swollen and it takes time for the tumor to go away and the results to appear. I asked the doctor to change this corset because it is putting too much pressure on me???? But the doctor said that the function of the corset is to compress, and that a larger size spoils the result of the operation.
As for the abdomen, it was smaller after the operation, but the result in general was not what I expected. I said this to the doctor and his assistant. They asked me for one thing: patience, and he said that patience for a period of one to three months is the patient’s weapon.
I adhered to the instructions, wore the corset, and took the treatment regularly, and after less than a month the results seemed to appear, but I got the desired results after four months.
One of the pieces of advice that the assistant told me was that playing sports helps in getting better results. I actually continued to play sports, and the result was that my size changed from XXL to L. Since then, I have been able to go to the gym and play sports, and I have no confidence in myself. myself.
I thank Dr. Ulker with all my heart