I would like to write what happened to me as one of Mr. Aylker's patients. I wanted to get my nose done for a long time but I never had the courage because my relationship between the hospital and the doctors was not good at any time.

Based on the advice of a friend of mine who had the operation before me. She told me to go to Mr. İlker with my eyes closed if you want to have an operation and to do the operation without any hesitation or fear.

What completely frightened me most was the appearance of traces of blood in the eyes, the blue color under the eyes, etc., so I abandoned the procedure.

At these moments I met Mr. Aylker. Who changed my outlook on the world with his wonderful energy, self-esteem, and wonderful behavior. It provides high self-confidence, self-esteem, and a healthy life.

For those wishing to have a cosmetic procedure, you must choose a doctor who makes you feel good, gives you self-confidence, and cares about your condition after the procedure.

You can feel this during and after the operation. You should express your satisfaction as I do... Thank you, Mr. İlker, and I wish you success throughout your life...

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