Saad Masa, ladies of the forum who care about their beauty and eternal brilliance...

Today I will tell you about my experience… I am a 50-year-old woman and I have constant suffering with my skin.

I dreamed of having tight skin with no wrinkles or lines.

As a novelist and writer, my work is always behind computer screens, which has caused me skin fatigue

I was careful that these lines would not appear in front of the camera or film during television interviews.. I visited many doctors and they all told me surgery.

I am afraid of surgery, anesthesia, and anesthesia

I was on a visit in Istanbul, and I met a cosmetician with great taste and ethics, and she advised me on the doctor.

They have what is called the celebrity surgeon... and I told her that I did not want surgery, so she advised me to use gold threads... and Botox and fillers.

I made an appointment with Dr. Ulker Manaf Bashi, went to the center and met the doctor, and he told me two solutions, not a third.

Either with facelift surgery... or without surgery, with applications that I consider magical in rejuvenating the skin

He told me that I need 8 threads for a face lift and Botox for the forehead and around the eyes

In addition to injecting filler under the eyes and on the two lines on the side of the nose and mouth, I get a natural result

Of course, I strongly agreed because it was all done under local anesthesia. The doctor finished the work within an hour and I left for a review appointment

Before I travel to check the results

During this week, the results began to appear and I felt a big difference. I went back 10 years and I liked the result very much.

But what I found out is that Botox needs to be renewed every 6 to 8 months... and also the threads and fillers last between one year and two years... In any case... I will not hesitate to renew the Botox whenever necessary... and also the fillers...

Greetings, please accept my review