My experience with the full belt tummy tuck procedure with laser liposuction of the back and flanks

I wanted to inform you and share with you my experience with the full belt tummy tuck procedure, in addition to liposuction of the back and flanks
After a long search on the Internet and visiting several cosmetic clinics, the final decision was made to perform the operation in a clinic with Dr. Ulker Manaf Bashi, the well-known Turkish doctor in Istanbul. I contacted them and sent pictures of my body as the doctor requested, and after that, in the first contact with the person in charge at the center, the full details of the operation were explained. Details were given and the operation was scheduled for a month later

I arrived in Istanbul a day before the night inspection. It was an opportunity to take an evening tour in the wonderful country before I had the operation
The second day, I went to the clinic according to the appointment and agreement, and I met the doctor, and he examined me again and explained the operation to me.. The doctor was very understanding and cheerful, and the translator was the one who translated for me what the doctor was saying... They gave me the instructions that I had to do for the second day of the operation.
On the second day, I went to the hospital at the appointment they gave me, and I was fasting... I didn’t even have the breath to eat.
They told me six hours ago, but the day before that I had not eaten. I entered the hospital and they gave me a room and the nurse came and started preparing me.

For the operation, I had all the tests necessary for the operation, and the anesthesia doctor came and she was lovely and had a smiling face. She told me about her condition in Turkish, and I did not understand anything, but the translator was with Yana, translating every word they said, and she was also wonderful and tolerated all our questions.
The doctor came and took pictures of my body and then took me to the operating room on a moving bed
I didn't know my soul until I was in my room, still not awake, much from the anesthesia. I was in pain and shivering from the cold. They brought me a heater and put it on the bed to warm my body.

I was in severe pain.. I had a cough due to the anesthesia.. 4 braces were hanging on each side of my body and a corset was squeezing my body to the point of suffocation, and the least of them were suffocating. They said this was normal, it would not cause problems, there was no fear... My operation took six hours.
After the operation, the doctor visited me, reassured me, and gave me some instructions
I tried to walk, but not more than 3 or 4 steps. Of course, I was thirsty and sick, but they gave me drops of water in case I might come back, so everything was gradual.
On the second day, they brought me breakfast. I broke my fast, thank God, and I walked and the pain began to ease a little. The nurse came and gave me a painkiller needle before removing the needle in which they had put the nutritious tuberculin....
I walked a little more and the pain seemed to come and go, but it was difficult to move with my hands the first day
The doctor visited me again, the second day of the operation, and prescribed me medications, antibiotics, painkillers, iron pills, and vitamins, and wrote me out.
The care was wonderful from the nurses and doctors, and the hospital had good service. They told me to check in at the clinic

I left the hospital and went to the hotel, and my mother was with me. I was not there.. but I hired a nurse from the hospital to come and stay with me.
My mother was with me and he did not leave me for a moment, thank God, but the nurse was not trained and experienced in care, so I felt safer.
Because I felt that everyone who was close to me would insult me and catch me by mistake
My appointment is in 3 days, and thank God for the two days in the hotel, I came back fine. The doctor told me to walk and not sit in bed. Until the appointment for the examination came, I went and had my blood removed. They gave me more mental anxiety than amputation... and the doctor told me to consult the next day.
I have to remove the corset... torture and pain... I removed it and took a shower

After I took off the corset, my body felt a little better, but my back pain became unbearable... I couldn't stand, sit, or lie down because of the pain, and I had to keep wearing the corset for at least a month... The corset compresses and suppresses the breath... but at the same time it tightens and relieves back and flank pain. .. It reduces pressure compared to pain
A week after the operation, I went to the last check-up appointment, and the doctor was about to injure my abdomen. Thank God, things were good, and the doctor reassured me that the operation was excellent, God willing.
He told me that I can travel and return to my country, I am comfortable and happy, and I believe that I have been relieved of a huge burden.

God willing, after two months, I will continue operations on the chest and hands.
wish me luck
I advise you not to hesitate to perform this operation that I am suffering from...