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Ramadan Kareem, may God accept good deeds from us and from you

In the beginning, I would like to tell you about my operation and my suffering with the nose until I met Dr. Ulker Manaf Bashi. My problem was breathing and deviation. I wanted to go to Iran and they advised me to have an operation there. They are famous for plastic surgery, but unfortunately there was no result. I had a nose shape that appeared once and I did not like it. I went to him again after a year to restore the deviation in a way. The nose. After a while, I waited for a year to pass since the second operation. During this period, my nose was agitated while I was cooking after her. I ate, but that's it, I have to straighten my nose. It doesn't have anything to do with it. I ate. Have you ever cried in Turkey? Asking and getting a serge on the Google pages. Until I found Dr. Ulker and talked about him a lot, I was relieved, and I saw that there was a number for Arabs and I tried it. I didn't lose anything. I tried to correspond with them, and thank God the translator was amazing and had a nice style, so I decided to travel to Turkey and settle my nose. The day I traveled and arrived in Turkey, I contacted the translator and she booked an appointment for me, and my cousin and I went. She is still getting her nose done, but it is the first time. Thank God, the doctor saw us and examined us and took pictures for us. The day we went to the hospital, the translator received us and carried out all the procedures. May God grant her a thousand blessings. They did not stop with us. Thank God they were with us until we were too late for the operation and they did not leave us for a moment. The first thing was my cousin. Then I went to the operation and thank God I was very comfortable and for a long period after the operation I continued to notice the shape of my nose because it had shots and a splint, but After 6 days, he was crazy and we got some lip fillers with him, me, my sister, and my cousins.

May God grant good health to the doctor and all those present who were with us. Thank God, our results are excellent. It has been two months since our operation, but we are happy, and may God reward them with all goodness.