I came to Turkey about six months ago to have a plastic surgery on my face and body with Dr. ilker Manavbasi, after my cousin advised me about it. She had a rhinoplasty procedure with him because she had a problem with breathing, in addition to her appearance, which caused her a psychological crisis.

I do not suffer from a problem with my breathing, but my nose is a little wide from the bottom. When I went to Dr. ilker, there was a cordinator between us. She spoke Arabic and was very cooperative. She told me that the doctor said there was no need for the operation because he saw that the nose was not very large, but I insisted. I told him that I was having a psychological crisis. He said I would do the operation, but you should know that the shape does not change much and does not get smaller except to a certain extent. The reason is that the nostrils are the ones that limit its size from below, and at a certain limit the nose does not get smaller than it.

As for the problem of fat that I have in the abdomen and back area, a simple solution was liposuction using the VASER technique. Dr. ilker suggested that I get liposuction from the thigh area, but I did not accept because I do not have a problem with it and I like my body to be thinner on top than on the bottom.

I noticed that Dr. Ulker does not accept to perform any operation, but rather suggests things that might be best for you and leaves the decision up to you.

On the day of the operation, I went to the hospital with my cousin, and things were smooth, thank God, but after the operation, there was pain in the nose, in addition to pain in the abdomen and back area, but when I saw the fat that came off my body, I felt very relieved. It was about 4 liters. They assured me that the corset would last for a month. At the very least, I must pay attention to the food I eat, and it must be healthy and contain vegetables and fruits, and I must drink plenty of fluids and play sports ????‍♀️ to get better results.

I adhered to the instructions, and thank God, today my body is thinner and prettier. Perhaps the weight has not decreased much, considering that fat does not give weight, but the shape has changed a lot, and the size has decreased from Xl to M.

The nose hasn't really changed significantly, but I liked the new shape because it became smaller

I feel very wonderful and I wish everyone could experience it