Good morning, dear forum members

I wanted to talk today about my experience with my mother and I at Dr. Ulker Manaf Bashi. I had a breast reduction operation, and my mother had a neck lift and facial fat injections a year ago. My mother knew a doctor who did liposuction, but I kept in touch with them on WhatsApp, so we always talked to the public relations department for Arab patients, of course. Many loved ones provide you with all the information and answer all your questions. They made an appointment with the doctor on the same day we arrived. We went to the clinic and the doctor examined us. The doctor explained to us everything about the operation and drew us up. Fortunately, the same day there was a reservation for the operation from the clinic immediately to the hospital and we made an admission, and then they did tests and saw the anesthesiologist. My mother passed away. For the operation, and after I came out, thank God, I went to the operation. I came out cold. They brought me a heater immediately, and this is normal because the temperature of the operating room is low, so don’t be afraid of all patients like this. The second day a doctor came and saw us and checked on us. We made an exit and after that we made an inspection and changed the bandages. And of course he gives you the address of a store to buy a medical garter from. You don't want to wear the shots. As for my mother, it's the same thing, except for bandages. She said that you have to keep wearing the corset for two weeks after the operation. Of course, I won't tell you about a lovely and brilliant doctor. Don't imagine until you see him. He reassures you and keeps your morale high and you feel comfortable psychologically, and you missed the operation. No one is saying this is an exaggeration, but seriously. An amazing doctor whose work is very excellent.

God willing, since I haven't been long for you, I wanted to help you so that you don't get confused. If you want a plastic surgery right away, go to Dr. Ulker without thinking.