This is my first post in the forum. I hope you will accept me as a friend. Of course, I am a little big and fat, so I had a problem with my neck. Because I am short and fat, my neck started to have sagging skin as I got older, so I decided to go to Turkey and have the operation done, but to which doctor I don’t know??

I searched the Internet, especially in Istanbul, and found Dr. Ulker Manaf Bashi, through the number on his private page. I contacted him, booked an appointment, went to him, and met Dr. Shafli, my neck, and glory be to God. May God make it easy for me. I found an appointment for the operation on the same day.

I left the clinic and went directly to the hospital. They asked me for tests and examinations and prepared everything for the operation. Once again, he saw me before the operation, checked me out, and took me to the operation.

I came out, thank God, and I did not have any pain. Their care at the hospital was excellent, and now I am completely satisfied with the results. After the operation, I spent three months. Of course, I continued to wear the corset around my neck after the operation for two weeks. I saw that I had to write about my experience.

I still want to go and get liposuction from him because I saw his operations were excellent once..

I advise you to visit as soon as possible.