How are you? God willing, you are fine and Ramadan Kareem. May God accept good deeds from us and from you. I had a problem, which was that I gave birth to twins. I did exercise and lost weight, but I became flabby. At the same time, I had a problem with my chest being much larger than my body. That’s why I looked to doctors and asked in my country for advice on Turkey. The best day I came to Turkey, I searched on the internet pages for the best doctors for mommy makeover operations and saw that Dr. Ulker was the best. I read a lot about the doctor and watched videos about the doctor’s work. My heart was relieved, and I went to the clinic to meet the doctor. Thank God I met and at the clinic I decided on the operation and booked the appointment for the second day of appointment. The operation, and thank God, I went to the hospital and initially did the examinations and tests, and the anesthetist doctor saw me and reassured me, of course, all of this thanks to the translators who were there. I came out on the second day in completely good health, and after four days I made a review visit to the doctor’s clinic. He pulled out the blood drainage tubes for me and I put on a new bra. The doctor wrote me the medications, and thank God I traveled the second day. Thank God, it has been almost three months since my operation, and thank God I have beautiful and comfortable results. I thank the doctor and thank those who helped me. May God give them good health.