Ramadan Mubarak to all of you

I am coming to tell you my story about the operations I underwent to lose weight, and the results were amazing, thank God

I started doing a diet since I was 15 years old, and being overweight was a nightmare in my life. My family and friends were always making fun of me. That’s why I had a gastric sleeve operation. The result was that I lost forty kilograms, thanks to God. But as a result of the weight loss, I had sagging skin in my stomach. All over my body, especially the abdominal area

I searched a lot through social networking sites and through Google, and I found Dr. ilker, one of the most skilled doctors in Turkey who performs successful plastic surgery for patients. I called for help and booked an appointment for an examination and left Turkey. I and two of my sisters were the ones who encouraged me to have the operation.

When I came to the clinic and met Dr. ilker, he was at once comfortable and honest, not like other doctors who say you should do such and such an operation.

Quite the opposite. The first thing he said to me, “What is the problem you are suffering from?” He said that every person suffers from a specific problem, and other people do not necessarily see this problem.. I told him that I was complicated by my weight and now I am crippled due to the sagging in the body.. He saw my body. He said that excessive sagging will not go away except through a surgical operation that requires cutting and removing the sagging skin

The sagging was most present in my abdomen, chest, and manhood, and I had the intention of doing these three areas in one operation, because the anesthesia and pain would be the same, in addition to booking the operating room, which would be cheaper, as you know, if you do two operations in one day, it is cheaper than doing them in Two different days because you have this operating room checkpoint other than your travel card and hotel reservation

I had my blood tested, but unfortunately it was a little low and did not allow three operations to be performed at the same time, so I had to do a tummy tuck and a chest tuck, and I said I would come later to do a manhood test.

The important thing is that I came early on the day of the operations, because my operation was at 7 in the morning, and I was nervous and cold even before I went into the operations, and when I came out of the operations, I was more cold, shaking, and not aware of what was happening around my sisters. They called me and I was not completely awake. After a short period, I got better and I started to feel what was happening around me

Dr. ilker came in the evening and reassured me that my condition was fine. At night, the doctor’s assistant called to check on my health and told the nurses the truth. I never felt like I was in a foreign hospital at all, because all the time she was there helping me, asking about me, and recommending me to the nurses.

The second day I graduated from the hospital, and after four days I came to remove the tubes that are installed after the operation and went directly to the airport.

Believe me, I feel like I am a second person, lighter and more beautiful, and I thank God that I dared to undergo operations, and you forget the pain when you see the sagging skin disappear, and you relax psychologically with Dr. ilker and at the Istanbul Aesthetic Hospital????

But I advise those who want to complete the process to bring cash with them to relieve themselves of the issue of withdrawal and card. You know in Turkey, the issue of withdrawal is not as good as it is here.

And good luck everyone