My sister and I had a problem that nothing worked for us to get rid of excess weight. Neither exercise worked for us nor diet nor anything. We decided to go to Turkey to have a liposuction procedure because they told us that liposuction is the most suitable thing to get rid of excess weight, so we decided to have it done at Dr. Ulker's unit behind him. The second time we had an examination with a doctor in the clinic, the second day of the operation in the hospital, complete examinations and analyzes before and after the operation. We went through the operation, and thank God we got rid of the problem we were in and had a visit to the doctor after 5 days. Thank God, things were good and we were reassured about our situation. Do not be afraid, there is a plastic surgeon and a translator who will help you when you are not suffering. Of course, there is a small percentage of pain, but you forget about everything after you see the shape of your body. Of course, before the operation, since I was so comfortable and reassured, I bought a crazy small size dress so I could wear it right away.