My gynecomastia surgery was performed by Dr. Ulker Manaf Bashi

My brothers, for your benefit, I will tell you about the procedures that happened to me during the removal process
I had the gynecomastia procedure done in Istanbul after a long period of research and searching on the internet sites
After hearing several experiences, I reached the number of the best doctor in Türkiye and contacted the coordinator
He gave me details and prices
He asked me to have a chest scan for the doctor to see before I came to Turkey. The problem caused me great embarrassment and prevented me from wearing what made me comfortable and tight T-shirts.
After the examination, the doctor told me that I had gynecomastia between the second and third degree and that it was an operation
Liposuction can be done easily, but it will require surgical skin tightening under influence
General anesthesia and in the hospital,
After obtaining the information and details, she booked an appointment for me a week before my visit to Türkiye
I was in Türkiye at the appointment and met the doctor, and we scheduled the operation for the next day, of course, because I was making an appointment

The operation is temporary until I arrive
On the second day, I went to the hospital as scheduled to undergo the operation and was admitted to the hospital
At 8 am and I left at 12 noon  on the second day
Here is what happened in detail:

After I entered the hospital, they released me to my room and the nurse came and did a blood test and a doctor came to me
He gave me anesthesia and asked me several questions. We waited until the test results came out
Then they took me to the operating room on the bed from my room
I arrived at the operating room and then went to sleep for the seventh time....and I did not wake up until I was there
The room and my brothers surrounded me. The doctor told me what happened. He made a small incision
In the chest, he began to insert a long, thin metal tube, and from this tube, as I learned, he began
Injecting an anesthetic liquid and other materials into the area that was previously planned, which is an incorrect procedure
Painful. The important thing is that after completing the injection and closing the wound with a stitch, the doctor moved to the left side and repeated
The same procedure was done, then a short wait was made, and then the fat was removed from the area, then the sebaceous gland was removed
Exactly the same thing I did to the right. Repeat it to the left. After the operation was over, they transferred me to my private room and I was there
No, but the corset and I felt a little tired, and the doctor brought me the packages containing the liposuctioned fat
In fact, there were more than two liters of yellow fat. The next day, the doctor visited me and gave me a prescription
The medications include a painkiller and an antibiotic. I use it for a week

I left the hospital and was given an appointment for a review after 5 days
The doctor's instructions were that I should drink a large amount of fluids and take a shower after two or so days
Three. It is preferable to walk and move, and not lie in bed, so that the body does not swell
When I sleep, I feel a slight tingling sensation if I sleep on my chest only, but if I sleep on my back I do not feel anything
My chest is still swollen or has fluid in it, and there are traces of redness on the skin in some places.
After 5 days, I went to the doctor and he examined me, and things were 100% excellent, and the pain began to ease.
I kept wearing the corset for a month, and after a month I took off the corset and the features of my chest changed and disappeared
It's an annoying sight, and I get upset every moment the operation is delayed, but thank God
It went well and I got rid of my problem.

It is an easy and comfortable process and there is no fear, God willing