My face was round and became more elongated with a fat transfer procedure with celebrity doctor Ulker Manaf Bashi

I will tell you my story about facial plastic surgery

I suffer from a very round face, like a ball, and the fat is concentrated on the edges of my face in the cheeks, and I have a problem because my chin is small and retracted, so my face appears round like a child’s.

I was very depressed about this situation and I wanted to get rid of it, but I did not know the solution before I came to the hospital and met Dr. Ulker. I thought the solution was in lift, but from what I saw, he told me that lift operations are suitable for elderly patients, such as the age of fifty or sixty years. As for me, I have bad skin. There is nothing flabby like this for the doctor, and the most appropriate solution for my condition is to have the fat concentrated in the cheeks suctioned out, and then fat is injected into the chin to make it bigger and lengthen my face.

I asked the doctor if fat taken from the cheeks could be recycled and injected into the chin. He said no. Fat taken from the abdomen is more suitable for injection after they purify and filter it.

Of course, I do not have any previous experience with plastic surgery, and I took all the information from the doctor’s assistant. She spoke Arabic and told me all these details. Since I came on the day of the operation, she came with us and received us at the hospital. The nurse came and then drew blood from me to do the medical tests, and then the anesthesiologist came. He had long hair and bitter pimples. He used to reassure me, saying that the anesthesia was nothing to worry about and that everything would be fine, God willing.

On the day of the operation, my husband and my daughter were with me, they accompanied me the whole time and did not leave me except during the operation

I did not feel how I came out of the operation. I was like someone waking up from a deep sleep, but the difference is that I was cold. One time I tried to get up, but I heard them telling me that it is useless to get out of bed so that you do not fall.

I stayed in the hospital for one night, and the second day I left it and went to the hotel and traveled. Five days after the operation, I came to the hospital early and met the doctor to check on the operation and change the bandage for me. He said to remove it after two weeks, because I adhered to the instructions, and thank God, the result is satisfactory and as it was. Dr. Ulker explained to me: Thank you for his treatment because he was honest and did not talk about imaginary things. He only tells you what he is going to do. I thank him from my heart and I thank him for the help that was right and helped us.