I would like to tell you about my experience with Dr. Ulker, who asked me for a tummy tuck because I had fat and was still sagging. I contacted the Acacia Center, which my friend recommended to me for a breast lift, and she told me that they completely understand and that they follow up on the patient from when he comes for examination until he leaves the hospital. That's why I called them and made an appointment with the doctor's coordinator, who spoke Arabic and provided me with all the information I needed before and after the operation, so much so that I felt like I was speaking to an Arab country.

And this is her number so anyone who wants to contact her is 00905385844484

Dr. Ulker was understanding at one time and listened to the patient until the end. I told him that I have thin manhood, may God bless you. He said that there is no problem with taking fat from the abdomen and putting it in the manhood, and this way the shape will be more harmonious, and I agreed, of course, this is my request.

On the day of the operation, my sister came with me to the hospital. I was nervous, of course, even though I had had two operations before her, but praise be to God, the atmosphere of the operation was terrifying. Fortunately, I did not wait long. The anesthesiologist came and asked me about my age, the operations I had done before, and the diseases I suffer from, and that, thank God, I am healthy ☝️

I went into surgery and surrendered my affairs to God. I fell asleep on the anesthesia needle, and when I woke up, I was very cold. I was covered with a thick blanket, and my bed was connected to the heater. The patients who had to undergo the operations tended. But I felt cold for a while, and then my body temperature adjusted, and when I woke up, Zain, my sister, Sa`a, was coming from the restaurant. She was eating during the operation, because, thank God, she cannot wait two hours without eating.

Then they brought me my meal so that I would be stronger and be able to walk a little. You know, after operations, the patient needs to walk. The nurses helped me and were very cooperative. Then Dr. Ulker came and told me that the operation was a success

There was a little pain, I won't lie to you, but it didn't prevent me from noticing the difference between the fat mass and the sagging skin before and after the operation, and until every time I looked at the result, I felt a tremendous sense of happiness and psychological comfort.

Of course, credit goes to God first and foremost, but the doctor and the operation were a necessary means, and I advise everyone who is overweight or flabby to come here and see the doctor. Maybe he will also fix what is wrong with his body.