I had a gastric sleeve procedure two years ago recently, and my weight was 130. It became 83 and the weight stopped at that point.
But sagging ruins my comfort. My body, I have a stomach, and my chest was like the mother of 10 children, haha.
And the stomach, hands and thighs are like jelly due to their sagging hahahahahaha

I feel sorry for the clothes I wear in the evening, the open ones, and the transparent ones.. Even tight clothes I have been forbidden to wear.

At first my husband was opposed and was not satisfied until he saw that my psyche was tired of being sagging

The poor guy was convinced and stood with me and encouraged me to tighten my breasts and inflate them with silicone, but frankly I was afraid..

The research journey began in Istanbul, as our visit to Turkey would be in a month

I contacted several beauty centers and doctors, and I took prices from all of them until I found a plastic doctor whose prices I liked.

I liked their way of dealing, their kindness, their sophistication, and their response to my questions at any time. The doctor’s name was Ulker Manaf Bashi.

Sometimes I would wake up and a question would come to my mind. I would call them and they would answer me immediately

After I relied on God and agreed with them on the money for the operation
He said the cost would be $3,600, a breast lift and silicone implant, and a tummy tuck, $3,500. A day’s stay in the hospital and a blood test.

Pre-op and a tummy tuck
The day of travel came and I arrived in Istanbul. I rested at the hotel and saw the doctor on the day of my arrival. I met the doctor and he was a respectable person and most importantly

I understand his job

The second day in the morning, at 8 o’clock, I entered the hospital and took my own room. I put on the operation clothes and continued the examinations.

The doctor came in and mapped the text of the world in my stomach, chest, etc

I haven't been able to sleep for two weeks, for fear of being tired and flawed, to be honest. After the results of the analysis came out, the doctor saw her and performed the operations.

They took me from the room to the portable bed, and I felt comfortable, but I was afraid of pain and pain.

I entered the operating room and a needle hit me so hard that I could not blink my eyes again

After 4 hours of anesthesia, I felt a lump in my right breast from under the armpit..

She gave me a sedative for my pain...and I couldn't sleep. I slept for two hours and sat down.

I feel a slight and slight ache in my hands and chest, a little ache. I didn't expect that I would stand up, walk, and go to the bathroom in my soul..

The defect was greater in the abdomen because the two tubers are connected to the abdomen
I sat with my husband, talking and watching TV. I kept company with Wade, to be honest

I did not expect this to happen. I was very, very afraid, but thank God it was an easy operation and I don’t regret doing it.

I regret that I was late for work and slept in the hospital

The next day, the doctor came to me and gave me a discharge permit from the hospital. He wrote me an antibiotic and a pain reliever and said goodbye.

He told me to come after 5 days so I can check on you and then you will travel, and he gave me a brand of bra that I can buy after I measure it so that it fits me.

I bring it with me on the review day and I will wear it for a month

Sleeping in the beginning was difficult because I only knew how to sleep on my stomach, dope. I fell asleep and the shame is still there..

During these days, I was walking and going while I was still in Istanbul, and I was paying attention to myself, and I was getting more and more anxious.

Sleeping was difficult. My hands are tight, I can't lift or put pressure on my hands... Rest is required
Of course, the abdomen is incised from side to side in an arc shape that hides under the underwear. The doctor said to clear the urine for 5 days.

For those who saw Dr. Shaw Aldrin and expected the problem to be a trick

But thank God I didn't feel it

He saw the wound, checked on it, and said, “Don’t make any effort until the wound is healed and fixed.”

Tell me, after 15 to 20 days, the plaster has not removed. You should start applying a special cream from the doctor that he gets for his important patients.

The stitches go away because they are absorbed by the body

For now, the pain in the chest and hands is mild, but when sleeping, it is laziness. But the doctor told me it was all normal and I would go within a month

The chest, the slit around the rose, and my longitudinal line at the bottom, told me that they were stuck with adhesive, they would fall on themselves, and then

15 The day they fell, I pulled them out myself and the same thing happened to the stomach
Fatigue becomes less and less. Movement becomes easier

My bare chest is lighter and stronger, of course

Thank God, my hands are tight and my chest is tight and big
Honestly, girls, when I saw my stomach and chest, I said, “When will I put my hands and feet together?”

Thank God, I am well and good, and on my second trip, God willing, it will be to the remaining areas

Any questions, I am available

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