To all my brothers, I wanted to inform you of my operation that I underwent at the surgeon

dr ilker manav basi

Ilker Manaf Bashi, the famous Turkish surgeon.. My story is that I used to weigh 125 kilos and now I weigh 75

Unfortunately, all of the skin fell off and my appearance was not good. I went to the gym and exercised for two years, and unfortunately I did not get any results.

I went outside the monastery and found the name of the doctor and they praised him a lot. I read a lot about him and was convinced of him.

I spoke with the doctor’s coordinator and she was cooperative. She is actually a plastic surgeon who can help you at any time. Thank you, I did not fail.

I sent my pictures to the doctor and he said that I need a tummy tuck. The belt means tightening the abdomen and the waist circumference in the back

I also had a problem with my nose, which we fixed using the same procedure

I put my trust in God and booked a doctor’s appointment 10 days ago

From the date of the operation and I arrived in Istanbul, I booked a hotel in the Sisli area close to the hospital, based on the recommendation of the sister in the center.

I went to the hotel at 1 pm and met the doctor at 5 pm and sat with him. He was a very calm and helpful doctor.

He listened to my problem and advised me on what was best for my condition, and my operation was scheduled for the next day

I went to the hospital in the morning, took my room, and prepared for the operation. They ran tests on me, and the doctor came to me, drew me, and determined the places where the operation and tightening would be performed.

Then I entrusted myself to God, and my friend was accompanying me, and I invited him, and I did not feel like myself until I was in my room.

It was as if a moment had passed, and thank God I am now in my room and receiving post-operative treatments

I will not hide the pain from you because I had the abdomen and nose done, but the task was shortened to one operation

I left the hospital on the second day and I was very comfortable. The doctor gave me recommendations and I reviewed him after 6 days and I am in good condition, thank God.

The 6 days passed quickly, and then I traveled to my country, thank God, and I am completely healthy

The patches remained on the abdomen for 3 weeks and I took them out myself

The nasal adhesive remained for 10 days, and I also took it out myself

I am very satisfied with the result. It has been two months since my operation, and as time passes, the result becomes better...

I regained my self-confidence

Thank you to the doctor and his medical team, all of whom are excellent

Accept my passage with you, and God willing, I will be your ransom

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