My experience with tightening, liposuction and fat injection operations in one day with Dr. ilker Manaf Bashi in Istanbul

I will not say how to tell you because I am sure you are psychologically exhausted, given that you read the title of the topic. You are definitely suffering from a weight problem, and this topic affects women a lot and leaves them in a state of dissatisfaction with themselves as much as they have tried to lose weight - if the weight gain is large, of course - The result she had in mind will not be achieved except after suffering and effort, and diets have destroyed us, by God, and exercise yet????‍♀️

That's why I got bored and decided to resort to suction, even if it was expensive, but it was more comfortable for the head.

I did not lie about the news and asked my friends about a good plastic surgeon. Of course everyone does their own thing and does not know the basis of natural beauty, God willing.

But I have a close friend who told me about Dr. Ulker because her mother had a tummy tuck and the result was very satisfactory.

And I want to get liposuction for my entire body because, God willing, I don’t have a flower in every garden.

I contacted the doctor’s assistant, who was speaking to me in Arabic, and I sent her pictures because I was coming to Turkey for the operation, and she told me that this type of operation is suitable for my body, but I must come for examination the day before the operation, and I actually came to the clinic and waited a while, and then the doctor received me.

The translator was Yami, and I told her that I want to sculpt my body so that I can slim the entire body, reduce the waist, and enlarge the buttocks. Here, the doctor said, in this case, you will need fat injections for the buttocks. As long as we are taking fat from the body, we can then inject it into the buttocks. As for the arm, my problem was sagging skin, not fat - because I had lost weight before, but I did not reach the goal I wanted - that's why Dr. Ulker said I needed an arm lift, not liposuction, and so they became three liposuction operations for the entire body, an arm lift and injections. Ass, whenever I remember three surgeries, my head hurts

He told me that we want to see the blood level, if it is low, we cannot do all the operations together. I told him that it is okay and I am helpless because if the blood level is low, it will be upon me and I will have to go down again to do the operation that I could not have.

Praise be to God, the second day they gave me a blood test and the blood percentage was good, based on which we were able to operate together.

And welcome to the day of the operation: After the results of the tests, Dr. Ulker came to me and greeted the patients before the operation, and they asked if there was anything they should ask him before the operation. All I asked was when would I get the result, and the answer was from one month to six months, and the patient must be patient.

The translator accompanied me to the surgery door. My husband and I said goodbye before the operation. I entered the room alone and came out alone. I found my husband waiting for me. I spent the night. It was painful. I didn’t hide it from you, but the next day I felt better and had breakfast. They asked me for medicine from the pharmacy to drink on the same day. Then I asked for a taxi and it took me from the hospital door to the hotel door.

I came to the hospital a week later to have a check-up. I was a little upset about the swelling, which I could not hide, but the doctor reassured me that this was normal and would go away within a month, and stressed the necessity of wearing a corset during this month.

Praise be to God, I now feel a difference that increases with time, and I am thinking of convincing my husband to go to Turkey to see Dr. Ulker to do a nose job.

But I'm waiting for summer to come so I can go and have a break and he can't get over me