I would like to tell you about my experience with the abdominal muscle sculpting  six pack procedure that I had with Dr. ilker, after I read about him on many websites and watched his videos as well. In short, I investigated him and the result was that patients who underwent plastic surgery were very grateful for the results, and the most important thing is that they are honest with the examination.

The patient does not deceive and say that all the problems he has will be solved. I mean, for example, I have a wound along the eyebrow. I asked the doctor if he would go for a plastic surgery, and the answer was that the distance will be reduced, but the long wound will not go away. He advised me that I should not do it in order to avoid the cost, and in the end, it will not produce results. This is the difference that is not mentioned in their words.

As for the six-pack operation, it is another story

I play iron because it gives me muscles in my body, especially in the abdomen. Now, after a long period of playing iron, it has started to give me muscles, but not as much as I would like. That's why I asked my friend who is in the gym and he told me that the quickest way is to sculpt the abdominal muscles, and he told me to look for something, a good doctor. He will give you the operation. I did not lie. I searched for many doctors and found that the most famous doctor who is known for his honesty with the patient is Dr. Ilker Manavbasi. I even did research in Turkish and found Turkish celebrities who operated on him. I called the plastic surgeon who coordinates with the doctor and she was very understanding. She helped me and explained to me everything I wanted in detail and advised me that if I was thinking of doing liposuction for the sides and back, I should do it with the muscle tightening procedure because it would be more comfortable in terms of pain and anesthesia and cheaper in terms of cost, and this is what you actually did.

Today, four and a half months have passed since the operation, and thank God I am relieved of the result. I am going to the club to show off my muscles in front of my friends, and whoever comes to the club is new, they start talking to them and they say, “I have been here for four years and I have been playing until these muscles appear, and they, oh god, are they to be believed.”

I mean, my advice to anyone who does exercise for the muscles, especially the abdominal muscles, is to rest his head and have an operation if he has two small coins, and may God’s prayers and blessings be upon him.