Surely all of you have read a long time ago about rhinoplasty, like me, before he did anything, and it was not simple. He loved to take everyone’s opinion and read a lot.

He should not do it except after a thousand istikhara, especially if he had done it before and was not satisfied with the result

I had a deviation operation three years ago in Riyadh, and I was not satisfied with the result at all, especially since the deviation was still complete. When I came to have the operation done again, I thought before and did a search online, knowing that I intended to have it done in Riyadh, but the search results showed me the name of the doctor. Ulker and cosmetics in Turkey

Frankly, I was curious about the topic, especially since Turkey is a beautiful country, and I mean, the patient is interested in tourism on the one hand and surgery on the other.

I then researched Dr. Ulker’s operations, his experience in this field, and the operations he performed, and the results were amazing, and the percentage of patients who were satisfied with the results was very high.

I contacted the doctor’s numbers and spoke to the doctor’s assistant. She was very understanding and welcomed me and answered all my inquiries. She knew from my questions that I was a doctor. You know the doctor asks a lot of questions because he understands the topic more than others, even if his specialty is plastic surgery.

I sent her pictures of Khashmi and she told me that the operation was simple compared to the operations that the doctor performs, and she booked me an examination appointment and went to Turkey two days early to allow the weather to be spring and crazy in Istanbul.

I came to the examination and saw Dr. Ulker. I told him about the operation that I had done before in Riyadh, and I told him that I was not satisfied with it and was afraid of the new experience. He reassured me and said that we would take pictures for you so that you could see the approximate shape of the nose after the operation.

I went into the room and he took pictures of my face and the profile, and he explained to me how they would open the nose and correct the deviation and how it would make its appearance smaller, but thank God the new shape was not as scary as some patients whose nose changes in shape to the point that you feel like the person is completely different, especially since the nose is in the middle of the face. I agreed with the doctor on this matter and came the next day for the operation.

After I came and they asked me for tests, the anesthesiologist came and asked me some questions to determine the dose. I went into the operation, and my heart is strong, thank God, and this is not the first time I have had an operation, but when I came out of the operation, I was upset at times and I was not able to breathe properly because of the stents. They are not comfortable in the stomach, although I got used to them after the second and third day, but the feeling of suffocation was annoying. But when I came after six days to remove the stents, I felt myself breathing again. Thank God, I adhered to the instructions of the doctor’s assistant, who spoke Arabic and explained to me how to use ointments and sprays. What was prescribed to me by Dr. Ulker.

The appearance that the doctor saw in me is the same as what I got after the operation, and of course I did not see it for a week later, and it was a little swollen, and now the swelling is decreasing day after day, and we are waiting for the most beautiful results after months, because as you know, the final result will not be achieved until after six months, but I am grateful and... Praise be to God, I am very grateful for this process

I advise anyone not to have any operation done before asking and consulting, and if you are looking for a plastic surgeon for any operation, I advise you to see Dr. Ulker, and after the examination I promise you that you will not accept it except with him.

Thank you to Dr. Ulker and for the help of the doctor, the translator, the hospital, and everyone who helped me in Türkiye.

Praise be to God always and forever