My experience with liposuction lasted exactly ten days. In fact, I thought I would write to you because many girls, and I am the first to be honest, remain very hesitant before any step we take, and we hope to find someone who will advise us on the actual experience.

I will tell you the first and most important thing that liposuction does not treat obesity or reduce weight, but it is a modification to the shape of a plump body, and it does two things. First, it makes you wear things that would have been difficult to wear with local obesity (which is the accumulation of fat in a large and inconsistent manner with one area in the body). I had your body in my belly, even though I gave birth once, 3 years ago, but my belly was so large and I did not lose a centimeter after giving birth, to the point that everyone, even my relatives, thought I was pregnant again, and this caused me distress and embarrassment at my work and in front of my husband, of course, because I preferred to wear clothes. Maternity wear or anything similar to it to hide the view of my belly

This operation remains very encouraging for people like me who have no patience with the diet, meaning that after the operation, my body’s appearance improved as a whole, and the increase remained a general increase that was easy to come down because I got rid of the main area and the large amount.

I had a period a lot because I am thinking of having another child, God willing. That is why I had a liposuction, but without tightening, and I am not going to lie to you. It resulted in some sagging, but it looks acceptable, thank God. I decided with my doctor that I could have a liposuction after the last birth to avoid the side effects of tightening during pregnancy.

Praise be to God, I settled on Dr. Ulker Manaf Bashi, the famous Turkish surgeon. I knew him from the internet as well, and I went to him after 3 other doctors, but he is the one I have gone to the most and got along with the most.

On the day of the operation, I went to the doctor, he was in debt, he repeated the operation at 5 pm, and I was supposed to be in the hospital at 3 pm.

To prepare me before the operation, I went fasting six hours ago, had the test done, and was met by the anesthesia doctor

The anesthesiologist came and he was, frankly, very good. We agreed that local anesthesia was not suitable for me because the percentage of fat that would be suctioned out of me would be large. We agreed that he would give me a nerve-sedating injection and they would take me to the operating room, or in other words, put me to sleep, so that I would not be tense during the operation.

Also, the doctor said that the maximum he can remove from me is 8 liters, and in reality it is 9 liters.

The results of the tests came out

I entered the operating room and did not see anything. I put my trust in God

Hours later, I don't know how many hours, I woke up and found myself in my room and he brought me a quantity of fat in a bowl next to me. I seriously struggled.

And to be honest

Of course, they put me in a very terrible corset. The operation lasted two and a half hours, but it was reassuring, thank God, because I came out awake, and the second day in the morning, the doctor came and checked on me. He gave me a prescription for antibiotics, a pain reliever, and some vitamins. At 12 noon, I was wearing my clothes and walking on my feet, and I went.

When I went home, the effect of the analgesic had disappeared, and the pain and blueness began to appear in the entire body, and of course I was not able to walk well, even though the wounds were very small. Exactly, the wound was less than 2 cm. To be fair, the corset itself is painful, and the pain is severe, but it is bearable, and it lasts for the first week, and then it will go away. The world is fine and the pain is less

My mistakes were that I did not follow the medication regimen regularly, and this made me very tired because the body actually shakes from the fat that was withdrawn and would be in a state of thirst and loss if I did not take the medications and fluids as instructed by the doctor. In fact, I was a little negligent and this affected me throughout the period of decline, but why? Thank God I felt better

Of course, the body is very swollen, and this is not the final result, but honestly, and God willing, the appearance changed 180 degrees. I put on all my blouses and felt like a different person, and my body was back to how it was before, and my self-confidence was different.

I continued to wear the corset for 10 days straight, and on the tenth day I took it off and showered, and I was still allowed to take it off every hour. I rested my body, took a shower, applied anti-swelling agents, put it on again, and prayed for me. My body is still blue and swollen, and I am still seeing the results. But the truth is, the doctor said don’t be in a hurry because your skin is sensitive. Very much, your recovery will be slower, meaning not before 3 months, until your body returns to normal.

As for the cost, it costs from $3,500 to $6,000 depending on the region and quantity

As for my feeling afterward, I say, “Thank God,” and I wish I didn’t hesitate a moment to do it