I hope you will accept me as your friend for the forum. I wanted to tell you about my experience. I was suffering from being overweight, so I decided to do a gastric sleeve procedure. After I had a gastric sleeve procedure in Saudi Arabia, I started to develop flabby skin to the point that I had a fraternal psychological complex. He wanted me to find a good and excellent doctor in Turkey. Dr. Ulker Manaf Bashi and communicate. And they are with the Public Relations Department for Arab Patients on the number 00905385844484. They were lenient, friendly, and affectionate. Then I started communicating with them, and I got the visa and traveled and met. The doctor examined me and took pictures. Kali needs a simple suction, but she needs a tightening because you have more sagging than fat, but the operation will be divided into several parts. The first part is a tightening of the abdomen and back, known as the belt or “body lift.” Of course, after meeting with the doctor, I became more and more reassured. Thank God, the second day was the date of my operation. Before the operation, I asked for tests and examinations, and the anesthetist doctor saw me and took information from me about my health condition. Dr. Ulker came to me and I went to the operation. I am confident in the doctor and myself, Zeina, thank God. The first operation was completed and I had an examination with Dr. Almoud. We start with the second part of the operation, which is the chest and arm lift, but before that I asked for tests and examinations. Come on, before they ask me for the operation, check on my condition later. I did the same procedures and thank God the same thing I am comfortable with, and after a week, the same thing. I had tests done. The third and final part of the tests was done, which was the leg lift. Thank God, several operations went well, and after I was in a recovery period, I began to notice the results, and thank God the results were satisfactory.

I thought and decided, and I liked the doctor’s work. I decided to come to Turkey, and I have a visa. I extended my residency. I decided to have a rhinoplasty. I would like to go back to Saudi Arabia. Thank God, I had the operation, and after a week I had a control procedure with the doctor. I liked the shape of the new nose.

I thank the doctor and the Public Relations Department for Arab Patients who helped me with this hobby, and I thank the hospital. If you want to perform any plastic surgery, go to Dr. Ulker.