Firstly, I would like to express the following: I have done real research on the subject of nose surgery. I had never talked to any doctor before. In fact, I contacted my beloved Mr. İlker based on the recommendations of a friend. I have conducted several investigations into him and have been brought to him by patient comments. First I got an appointment from him and then I went to meet him. And I met with an intimate person. He was a person who cared more about his work than material matters. He talks to patients, provides them with information, and informs them of the results. He is certainly a very warm and humble person. After meeting with him, I became completely convinced of him. In the end, I had the operation, and on the contrary, the bruising and swelling disappeared, especially since the bruises had completely disappeared. It can be said that it disappeared completely after 1 week.

The bloating was a little, but we can tell she didn't notice it. As for the shape of my nose,

The bulges on it have not disappeared yet, but now I have the look I wanted and he told me that it will look better after the bulges go away. I depend on him a lot.

I thank him. Happy days, you can contact the doctor at 00905385844484