How are you? I am a new member of the forum. I hope you will accept me as a new friend with you

When I was young, I quarreled with my brother, he hit me with a chest box, and I became deviated and had problems breathing. I decided to have two rhinoplasty operations and solve the problem of breathing, fractures, and deviated septums. However, to which doctor I did not know, I kept going back and forth until I found Dr. İlker. My cousin and I went to the hospital because she wanted her nose repaired because I had two surgeries with Iran and she did not like the results. We contacted them and spent a month communicating with them without getting tired of replying until we took a vacation and went to Istanbul and visited the doctor because the translator, may God reward her with all good things, made an appointment for us and we met with her in the doctor’s clinic. Thank God, we went to my cardiologist and rested him. Take pictures and show me on the computer how. The final shape of my cheek will be approximately the same. The second day we prepared in the afternoon, we went to the operation and thank God we were comfortable. We asked for tests and analyzes and a doctor came and saw me.. and the anesthesiologist saw me. After thank God I came out of the operation and things were good. The second day in the afternoon a doctor came and saw me and took me out of the hospital and after 6 days I had the suture and stent shawl reviewed. And the gynecomastia turned out to be stupid, my cheeks turned out, wow, and my sister wanted to get a filler for her lips, but after I did something simple, we don’t like it. A thousand thanks be to God, and thanks be to God. The credit goes back to the doctor and those present who congratulated us and helped us. Thank you very much, and I advise you to visit quickly, quickly.