I am one of the women who are obsessed with beauty, so I wanted to talk about my experience that I had in Istanbul with Dr. Ulker Manaf Bashi. My problem was my nose and it was complicated by it. Twice I had rhinoplasty in Iran, but I did not get the result I wanted, so I decided to go to Turkey to get my nose done, but I didn’t know where to do it. I went online to get a center. HairTransfer Dr. Ulker saw a lot of surgeries and saw a contact number written in Arabic. I contacted the public relations department for Arab patients. I inquired from them and they gave me all the information. I prepared for the trip and traveled and went to the appointment they made for me with the doctor. I spoke to both of them and he explained everything to me. Because I was comfortable with him, I wanted to get liposuction. In the same operation, it is possible, because he is just going to repair my vagina, but he has had my vagina removed since then, and the lump is suctioned out and injected into the buttocks. It is possible, it is possible, and thank God, on the second day, I prepared and went to the hospital, and I asked for tests on the surgical cable after it. The anesthetist saw me and gave me all the instructions, and I put my trust in God. I entered the operation and I am reassured, and now I have had three days. A thousand months, thank God, excellent, completely satisfied. My nose has become the same as my father’s, and my body is the same. Thank you to the doctor who did not treat me with surgery. I thank the translators, and I thank the hospital. They were all very nice and I was relieved.

I hope you visit him soon. Peace be upon you