Hello, how are you? God willing, I will be fine???

I would like to share with you my experience that I had with Dr. Ulker Manaf Bashi a year ago. Of course, I had his nose done, and it turned out amazing. Two years ago, I also had a breast enlargement with him. A year ago I went back and had fat injections for the face. He is a very good doctor and good at his work. Many of my loved ones feel comfortable and reassured. Of course, in the beginning, you will contact him. The Public Relations Department for Arab patients will schedule your appointment with the doctor and be available for your visit to the doctor for the examination and translation. They will provide you with all the information and answer all your inquiries. They will also be with you when you enter the hospital. Rest assured, the doctor is very friendly, very knowledgeable, and has a very thorough job. She wants to have plastic surgery, so she goes to Dr. Ulker and is reassured.

Thank you very much. I hope I was kind to you.