Ramadan kareem

How are you? I hope you accept me as your friend in the forum. Of course, I had a problem, which is a protrusion in the nose, or what is called the band, a fracture, a deviation, and my breathing problem that never went away. Treatments, once for sinuses, sometimes for allergies, sometimes for infections, and once for migraines, hobbies, to the point where I got dizzy and went crazy, traveling to Turkey to Ankara. I said, let me ask. I found no plastic surgeons who helped me and I started searching the internet and Dr. Ulker came to me and I saw that he wrote down a number. I tried to communicate with them. I contacted the translator. She was the one who answered all my inquiries. She said, “We are in Istanbul. The second day I traveled to Istanbul, I met with the doctor. Because I had booked an appointment, I went, and fortunately for me, it was the same day. The operation, thank God, I left the hospital on the second day, and after 6 days I went and had a review with Dr. Shali, the splints, the stents and the threads, and the shape of the nose was amazing, and of course the doctor is not very kind and humble, and I thank everyone who was there. And whoever has any questions, do not fall short.

God willing, this is the doctor’s number for those who would like to contact him: 00905385844484. May God be with you.