My experience with celebrity doctor ilker Manavbasi in body lift and facial filling after gastric sleeve surgery

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I came to Turkey about a year ago. That day, my sister had a tummy and arm lift after she lost 30 kilos through exercise and diet. God willing, she has a very strong will. I couldn't, that's why I had a gastric sleeve operation, as a result of which I lost 35 kilos and became sagging in my legs, chest, and face. After it became thin once, I decided to have the operation after I saw the result of the operation that my sister had with Dr. ilker Manaf Bashi, and the result was very satisfactory and painful. It is true, but when you see the result, believe me, you will forget the pain
I booked an appointment for the operation online, and my sister came with me to the hospital, and she came after my cousin because she intends to have liposuction. She does not like diets or sports, and Raida does not have a gastric sleeve, because gastric sleeve surgery is a surgical procedure, but the VASER, as you know, is not surgery.
What's wrong with my cousin? I came for the examination and I was very afraid, but when Dr. ilker came and reassured me that the operation was simple and there was no need to worry, and the assistant with him spoke Arabic and Turkish, the doctor told us that the important part is the legs and chest, and these are what will be tightened, as for the chest, it is possible. It is slightly smaller, but I wanted the size to be larger, and this requires a silicone implant. The doctor showed me the size of the silicone that he was going to use. As for my face, he said that it is weak and I want it to be a little bigger. Then I need to get autologous fat injections, and he said that the autologous fat is taken from the abdomen or thighs. . He then explained to me the method of cutting and sewing. Indeed, Dr. ilker is very understanding and frank. He does not try to convince you to do something that you do not want, like some of the doctors I met.
The date of the operation was two days after the examination, and the cordinator asked me to do blood tests so that we could not do three operations at once due to the low hemoglobin level, but my blood levels were good, thank God?????
I came on the day of the operation and I was very nervous and I had only slept three hours the night before. When I arrived at the hospital, they booked me a room and the anesthesiologist came to ask me questions about my health condition and the operations I had done before and whether there were any medications I should use or not. After the anesthesiologist went, the nurse came to open the vein, then Dr. ilker came and determined the areas that he would perform a lift and the injection areas. After the doctor came, they took me to the operating room and I fell asleep on the anesthesia needle.
When I woke up, my sister beside me was praying for me and I was still in pain, and today was difficult, but the nurses helped me and the Arabic doctor’s assistant never left me and always checked on me.
Praise be to God, the second day was much better and I left the hospital at the hotel and stayed there the second day taking painkillers and painkillers.
Praise be to God, on the fourth day, the situation became much better, especially after the review and after removing the tubers. Then I went on a walk in Istanbul, and after a week I returned to Kuwait.
I am very, very satisfied with the result, with Dr. ilker, with the help, and with the entire work team...and I thank you for everything you did for us.