I got all the things I dreamed of through Dr. Aylker. It required me to wait patiently in this difficult process.

I had breast reduction and liposuction surgery on July 3, 2014 and I was born again. I did not experience any adverse events or pain until the day of removal of the bleeding tubes and on day 2-3 of the operation.

I accept you from your charming hands that added strength to my life, Doctor.

I can place myself safely under His hands, with eyes closed, without hesitation. I wish you lasting success in all areas of life. I love you, the doctor, and his staff very much. Girls, don't think I've forgotten you. I extend my thanks and love to the nurses in the hospital, who provided answers to questions without getting bored, and to Mrs. Reem, who tolerated my questions that I asked in the office without getting bored, and to Mrs. Zeinab.