May the peace, blessings, and mercy of God be upon you

I will write my experience in the operation so that everyone can benefit and not feel like me. To be honest, I am tired while searching the Internet.
The important thing is that the first thing is that, thank God, I have 3 children, God willing, and I do not think about getting a second one after my last son

My stomach has grown and its shape has begun to fail. I have begun to wear tight clothes. All my clothes have become loose, even at home.
I looked for an experienced doctor and he made my stomach look as good as before

I was tired when I found many girls praising Dr. Ulker Manaf Bashi
I went to a clinic and the checkup was $200. To be honest, I really liked the doctor.

He understands his work, is calm and friendly, and gives the patient an opportunity to explain and express his problem

I explained to the doctor and made him understand that I do not want to reduce the size of my abdomen. I want it to go to the end and become swollen.

He explained everything about the operation to me, and I sought God's help and decided to do it with him

Then I saw pictures of cases where the worker went crazy and the wound was crazy

He even had an interview on TV with a woman who worked for him, and we asked her about her before and after the operation... wow, amazing.
The operation was completed on Wednesday, thank God. Of course, the staff there is excellent, the hospital has excellent care and cleanliness, and the medical team with the doctor
Anesthesiologist, nurses and assistants
The operation cost me about $5,000, with everything including examination and tests, and I slept a night in the hospital, a medical corset, and a review.

It's a little expensive to be honest, but it's worth it

Dr. tightened the abdomen and tightened the abdominal muscles because they spread apart after pregnancy and childbirth, and performed a simple liposuction of the sides.
The pain is bearable, and the wound lasts longer than a cesarean section, meaning from side to side, but with the laser, the effect is greatly reduced, according to what the doctor and people who have tried it say, and even there is a cream you can use that reduces the effect of the wound a lot.
I am now wearing a corset, and frankly, the result was very good. I liked my stomach, it was adhesive, and I was even afraid that there would be a change in the shape of my navel. I found it perfect.
The corset must be worn for a month or two, no problem
I stayed in the hospital one day and the doctor came the next day to check on me and discharge me
I wanted everyone to benefit, and if you have any questions, I am here and pray for me, girls, may God grant you all the best.