First of all, I would like to thank Dr. Ulker Manaf Bashi for his excellent work

I extend my gratitude for the good treatment of those present with the doctor. May God grant them good health

My problem was excess weight. I had a stomach bypass operation

I wanted to lose weight quickly, but I lost 65 kilos

I started to get sagging in an unnatural way, so they gave me the best plastic surgery thing in Türkiye

My cousin, a gastric sleeve technician, and I went to see the doctor and things were good and excellent

My cousin died, and on the second day I went for the operation, and things were good and excellent, of course

Divide the tummy tuck operations into several sections. The first stage is the tummy tuck

The second was the chest, the hands, and the third was the legs, and now it has been 6 months since the operation

Things are excellent and the result is wonderful. May God grant them good health.

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