I am Salem from Saudi Arabia, I am 24 years old

I had an operation here in Riyadh for a deviated septum in my nose, and because I still had breathing problems.

But unfortunately, the doctor who asked me to operate in Riyadh made a medical error, may God forgive him, as a result of which my cheek was deformed.

In order to correct the deviation in pace, he put silicone on me (by God, I don't know much about medical matters, but the error was clear). The silicone broke more than the bone, and at one point it looked prominent, and all my friends were sorry for those who sat with me and said, "I wish you hadn't done well." The operation, what did you want with these clothes? I mean, the shape of your nose is now better?!

And, by God Almighty, I have health problems with breathing, and the deviation was obvious. I mean, I don’t want to beautify the way girls do and make their cheeks smaller, but glory be to God, this problem has become, and hopefully it will be good.

I heard about Dr. Ulker and the operations he performed and the mistakes he corrected, and this is what I was looking for, looking for a doctor to correct the mistakes of the previous doctor.

I called Dr. Ulker's assistants in Türkiye and sent them pictures of Khashmi, and they contacted Dr. Ulker and told him about the case. They made me an appointment from the hospital for the operation, and I came to Istanbul three days before the operation to check in

On the day of the operation, I came to the hospital early and of course I was afraid of the operation because it was the second time.

I was sitting in the room waiting in the room, talking to my father and telling him, “See, if the operation is not successful, I will not repeat it.” What will happen because I am already cooked? Dr. Ulker entered, in the name of God, God willing, his face was smiling and he heard you well, there with an interpreter, explaining all your problems.

I told the story of the silicone and he said no problem. We will remove it and adjust the bone underneath. Wade insisted that my nose should not be like a girls' nose, because I didn't like small noses. He told me there is no need to be afraid, we do not make major facial modifications.

In fact, the result was as I wanted. After I came out of the operation, I did not see the shape of the nose, of course, because it was in a splint and braces, which the doctor removed a week after the operation. Here there was a little pain the moment he removed the brace

But the breath became better and the food later felt more delicious, even though there was some dryness in the nose at first, but I continued using the spray and ointment that the doctor told me about until the situation returned to normal, thank God.

They told me that I would get the final result after six months, but from the first month I noticed the difference, and hopefully after six months, the appearance will improve even more.

Now my face has become more beautiful, and no one can mock me, my face, or the operation anymore

I would like to thank Dr. Ulker Manaf Bashi and his team, who opened his door and welcomed us, and I also thank Dr. Ulker, who was responsible, and praise be to God always and forever.