Good morning everyone

I came from Lebanon to Turkey as a tourist, but my friend made fun of me and convinced me to change my body, even though my body is symmetrical, but it is not shaped like some girls who have a decent waist and buttocks. I took advantage of the opportunity and asked about the most famous plastic surgeons in Turkey and found Dr. ilker among them. I communicated With the numbers that were on the Arabic page and I booked an appointment for an examination, I waited and it was crowded in the clinic. Finally, my friend and I went in and saw Dr. ilker. He was very polite, respectful, and understanding of the topic of plastic surgery. When he saw me, he told me that plastic surgery is not a topic of, “What should I do, doctor?” It depends on the person himself, of course, not the one who told me about the beautician. She was the one who was explaining to me everything he was talking about and what she had told me before. I explained my situation and told him that I wanted to have a perfect body, meaning 90-60-90.

Because I am not a fatty, but I want to do sculpting, I thought it was a simple matter and I could not afford to do three breast enlargement surgeries with silicone, remove fat from the waist, and re-inject fat into the buttocks.

Now, I liked the idea, but I was very surprised by the fat!!!! Where does the fat come from!!

"Every person has fat and you are not healthy, but your waist area, and because of the nature of your body, is where fat accumulates. This is why you came to have sculpting. If the fat was concentrated in the chest and buttocks, you would not need the operation. Of course, I will come back a long way away. You do not need the operation, but If you want to get this body, then this procedure will help you.” This was the specialist’s answer during the examination.

I thought about the matter for a week before making a decision, because the matter is more than a process and is actually expensive, but the opportunity was a great temptation for me, because I am in Turkey now, and Dr. ilker is one of the most famous doctors, and my friend is someone who means that I can put the burden on me. I strengthened my heart and called the specialist, Atita Alok. I went to the hospital to prepare for the operation, and I took a selfie with my friend before I missed the operations, and after they came out, and now if I were there, I would post pictures, but so you can see the difference, it's really paralyzing.

And I am very happy that I had the operation. Of course, my friend was jealous of me and wanted to have a breast enlargement operation. I did not know that she was trying the operation on me, and I was saying, “What is this love that has befallen me?”

I was very happy that I shared my experience with you. If you want to perform any procedure related to plastic surgery, it is enough to consult Dr. ilker’s Arabic assistant staff and he will provide you with all the details, even if it is via WhatsApp. Seriously. Thank you very much for your help. You are not short of help.

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