I wanted to share with you my experience with rhinoplasty, or rather me and my brother...

I had a problem that I had a prominent nasal bone that I kept suffering from a lot, and I had something myself. My brother has a deviated nose. The two of us went around and asked a lot of questions in our country, but fear and lack of confidence in the doctor’s skill kept us from waiting for the operation, and one day I searched on the Internet outside my country about rhinoplasty operations, and Turkey came to my mind first. When I went to meet Dr. Ulker Manaf, I started reading about him and his operations, and I saw his work, God willing, that he was very good in his operations, meaning very excellent. This was something that reassured me and made me tell my brother about a doctor. The two of us started reading about him, and on the day we got vacation, we set the travel date, finalized the reservations, and traveled to Istanbul, and made an appointment. The interview with the doctor before we travel. We met with a doctor and examined us. We took pictures of the nose and drew the shape of the approximation after the operation. My level of comfort increased and I felt that I was in the right place. I chose the right one. My brother had the operation two days before me and two days after him. I saw his brotherhood and the shape of his nose, despite the swelling he had. There was a slight swelling in the skin, and the shape of his nose has changed nicely. The most important thing is that it is natural, and it does not appear that it is an operation two days later. I had the operation. Six days after the operation, we removed the splint, the supports that are inside the nose, and the surgical threads. Do not be afraid, the quality of the threads does not leave any traces, and the skill of the doctor makes this nose look natural. One of the advantages of the operations he performs. It has now been several months since we have completed the operation and are very satisfied with the result. We thank the doctor and all those who were there and helped us and did not neglect us. Go to Dr. Ulker and you are reassured.

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