Thank you for accepting me into the forum
I am 32 years old and a mother of a child. I have an embarrassing problem, which is why I did not post my real name. I have small breasts and I always wear a double-padded bra, so that I am ashamed to change my clothes in front of my fellow girls. For this reason, I waited to have my first child and then decided to have a breast enlargement operation using silicone because I heard that the pads affect the breastfeeding cord and cause problems with breastfeeding.  But when I had an examination with the Dr ilker assured me that this topic has nothing to do with breastfeeding
The translator who was with him helped me a lot and answered most of the questions I asked the doctor before the examination, even according to her experience with operations.
The first and most important question is the size. I want my breasts to be a normal size after the operation, and at the same time for the silicone implant to be a little large to give a difference in the breasts, but the doctor’s advice was to choose a smaller size that suits my body and gives a natural shape and does not cause any pain in the future so that I can avoid these risks. I adhered to the doctor's instructions
The operation took place two days after the examination. I waited impatiently because I was eager to see the result. It was the first time I had an operation and I was very afraid of anesthesia, but he seemed to be an experienced anesthesiologist. He asked me a lot of questions about the operations I had done before and if there were any diseases I suffered from and the medications I use in general.
The nurse came and opened an intravenous vein to take antibiotics and painkillers from it, and she drew blood for me to do a test. Then the doctor came and took measurements of the chest, determined the location of the cut, and confirmed that the silicone would be under the muscle.
He told me to see you in the operating room and said goodbye to me. He was very respectful and frank with you before the operation. After the operation, the next day he released me from the hospital and he assured me that I should pay attention to the movement of my hands so that they do not cause stress and that I do not play sports for a month. He asked me to take an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. .
I went to the hospital three days after the operation, had a review and removed the white plasters, and the doctor told me that I would be able to shower starting tomorrow. I thanked him very much and told him that I will see you in the next operation, God willing, because I intend to have a nose operation, but I am waiting for a little rest from the chest operation. Hopefully, it will be during the mid-term vacation, God willing.
A thousand thanks and thanks to God, I can now wear a bra without padding and wear any dress I want
I thank Dr. ilker, the help, and the entire staff
Wait for me after a year to post my experience after the nose operation

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