Thank you for accepting my membership in the forum, and I hope that the article I wrote will be useful to a large portion of patients, especially men - because men are sometimes embarrassed to undergo plastic surgery after gastric sleeve operations or undergo a strict diet - a person who is obese wants to become weaker in any way, but Whoever starts to lose weight and looks at his body shape will find sagging in his entire body. I, thank God, lost 90 kilos after gastric bypass surgery, but a second problem resulted, which is sagging in the armpit, chest, and abdominal area, may God bless you, and the rest of the areas after that, and this sagging is nothing. It can only be done by cutting and pulling, which means that exercise is of no use at all, and no one says that I was able to eliminate flabbiness through exercise, because exercise is beneficial in the case of losing 5-10 kilograms, but in the case of losing the body more than this limit, exercise can do anything.

I reached a stage of depression. I said, I wish I had not had the operation and lost this weight and my body remained obese, but when I saw a friend of mine, he told me that his mother had performed a tummy tuck with a skilled plastic surgeon in Turkey (Dr. Ulker Manaf Bashi) and he told me to perform a full tummy tuck. The body and he advised me to talk to him and he would find a solution for me.

I took his advice and went with him. We said we would do tourism in Turkey and see Dr. Ulker, who was a very helpful person and loved patients. He knew what you wanted before you spoke, because of his long experience. God willing, the one who examined me said that exercise was not working for me and that this was the only solution. After a few days, he explained to us how the operation is done, and how much time it takes in the operating room, and how much time it takes for the result to appear, and the topic of the corset, and these topics. He then said that I need three operations, the first of which is upper torsoplasty, which is an operation for the circumference of the chest and back. The upper section is tightened, the second is the lower torsoplasty operation for the circumference of the abdomen and back from below, and the third operation is to tighten the legs. Of course, I wanted to do the three operations together, but unfortunately I cannot, and I had to do them in three stages.

The first stage:

The upper belt operation to tighten the back and chest was the first tightening operation that he underwent. The doctor said that the excess skin should be cut around 360 degrees and eliminated, and then the skin would be tightened on both sides and the necessary sutures would be made. Since the operation was completed, I had some fluids come out of a bathtub like a bathtub. Blood came from it on the day of the examination. It was removed, but the compression corset remained with me for a whole month. It was painful at times, but after two weeks had passed, I got used to it and started wearing it like a body.

The second phase:

The lower girdle operation, this stage was the most difficult because it was concentrated in the abdominal area, which is the most important and has the largest amount of excess skin. After this operation, I still had braces and a corset, but the corset was putting more pressure and the pain was stronger. I was cut off. Two months after this operation, my psychological state seemed to improve. I began to look at life in a different way because choosing clothes became easier and my friends around me were amazed at my appearance. It was still very encouraging that I underwent the third operation, which was the last and easiest, thank God.

third level:

Leg lift surgery. One year after the first operation, I came to Dr. Ulker and he remembered me immediately. He was happy with the result I had achieved. He said that this operation would be easier, God willing, because I had become accustomed to operations. Firstly, the legs had gotten rid of the weights weighing on them resulting from the excess skin that had been present. Concentrated in the upper and lower parts of the body. After the operation, the girdles were like the first and second operations, but the corset was like pants, not perfect, and the pain was almost the same degree, but actually the topic became familiar to me.

Today I am a completely different person than I was before the gastric bypass surgery. Praise and thanks go to the Lord of the Worlds

I am grateful to you, Dr. Ulker, and I thank you with all my heart for everything you have done for me.