I hope you will accept me as a friend in the forum. Ten years ago, I had filler injections to my face in Saudi Arabia, and the result was once good, but unfortunately after a year, problems left me, and I do not blame the hospital or the doctor, because you know, at that time, plastic surgery was not like today, today there are more techniques.

The result left traces of spots on my face and some pits like dough, and I was going to do a facelift to remove the spots, but when I saw Dr. ilker, he said that my face does not need a lift, and his problem requires fat injections in the empty areas, not a lift, so that the texture remains one, and I was convinced by his words.

 The doctor knows that he advises patients and does not care about money, but he performed a thread-lift operation on my friend and she was comfortable with it once, so I went into the operation and had a review after four days. He removed the medical tape from me and told me that everything was fine and I could travel while I was there. Now in Riyadh, thank God, the result is as I had hoped and I always share it with my friends

Dr. ilker is a successful and understanding doctor who loves the patient, understands him, and advises him, but he does not sit back and collect money from the world and leave.

The plastic surgeon I contacted was very friendly and understanding, and she has experience in operations because she is the doctor’s assistant and speaks Arabic, and this is the most important thing.

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