Hello, I am 55 years old. I had a gastric bypass operation about two years ago and I lost 40 kilograms, thank God. But unfortunately, I developed sagging in my body after the operation. That’s why I decided to undergo a tummy tuck, arms and legs operation.

The story began when I saw one of my friends, ten years younger than me, who had five children. In the name of God, God willing, she went to Istanbul, underwent surgery, and came back with amazing results!!!

The idea in the tightening process is that the sagging skin is cut and removed from the body, and after that you feel that you have returned to being younger. This means that the issue is not limited to weight loss, but rather to the appearance of the skin.

I received from my friend all the details about the subject of the operation and the period of time she would need to return to her normal life, and she told me that spending one night in the hospital is sufficient, and that resting for a week is only

My friend comes to Istanbul every summer to open up, and this time she decided to take me with her to stand by my side during this ordeal.

We came to the clinic and met the doctor’s assistant. She speaks Arabic and is very understanding. She told me, based on her experience, that my friend’s situation is a little different from mine, because her sagging was concentrated in the abdomen due to the fact that she had been pregnant more than once, while my sagging issue was concentrated on the body’s circumference, meaning on the side of the abdomen and back. Also, this may require a belt operation or torsoplasty, and in the end, the doctor is the one who gives us the best option and tells us whether the torsoplasty procedure or the lift operation is the appropriate operation for me.

When the doctor came for the examination, he told us that the torsoplasty procedure is the most appropriate because the line resulting from the abdominoplasty does not have to stop in a place and then have accumulated skin like what I had, and in the end the final decision is up to the patient if he wants to have a tummy tuck operation, even if he does not. It was appropriate. Of course, I only agreed to take the doctor’s advice because he has experience, even if he has insight

I put my trust in God and came on the day of the operation with my friend and entered the operation, and I will not tell you the stories of the tests and preparation for the operation. In the end, I came out of the operation and felt very cold. I did not sleep until after my body had entered and I went to sleep afterward to give me a painkiller.

I am talking to you today, and it has been three months since my operation, and thank God I am very happy with the result, so I can wear T-shirts and trousers and wear skirts. I advise anyone who has a large excess of skin not to laugh at themselves in sports.. Sports are useful, yes, but they do not have the ability to do so. It removes all of this excess skin

A thousand thanks and thanks to you, Lord, and thank you for listening and reading