Oh God bless everyone

They say what is the benefit of dieting? Before you lose weight, they say you have a belly button, and after you lose weight, they say, “This is the one who used to lose weight.”
And they actually call me Abu Karsh, even though I swear my body is not overweight, but the problem is that all the weight is concentrated in my stomach.
I played sports and did a diet, but it was of no great benefit. I lost four kilos in two months because I don't stick to it and I don't have a lot of time to play sports. I mean, I play one day and stop for two days. The topic requires a lot of patience and attention to the diet. For this reason, my cousin who had an operation advised me. Abdominoplasty with Dr. Ilker I see the doctor and he decides whether I need a tummy tuck or liposuction.

I sent the pictures and they were shown to Dr. ilker, but the coordinator assisted to me the importance of the examination a day before, especially since some patients cannot distinguish between accumulated fat and sagging skin.
This thing actually happened to my cousin. He was thinking about getting liposuction using the VASER technique, but the doctor told him that he had sagging skin after losing twenty kilos and needed a lift. He was afraid of surgery, but it seemed that it was the only solution to get rid of the excess skin.
After I came for the examination, the doctor told me that my problem is with fat and not with the skin, which means that it will be solved with Vaser liposuction as I wanted and that there is no need for surgery, but he advised me to get liposuction for the waist, back and chest area after that. Of course, he said, “This issue is my choice” and it is up to the patient if possible. It works for the abdominal area only, but it does not harmonize the body. I trust Dr. ilker, and he came from Saudi Arabia for the operation. That’s why I booked an appointment for the day immediately after, and for the areas he said about.

I came early on the day of the operation and I was afraid that I would lose the address or that there would be a problem with me, so I waited a longer time. The important thing is that the blood tests came out and I did not have any problems. Praise be to God, I went into the operations and came out freezing cold, but after a short time the cold went away and my condition improved.

Of course, immediately after the operation, I did not feel a big difference because of the corset that I was wearing, which held the skin tight and thus did not show the final size for more than a month.

The problem is that the corset is black, and we in Saudi Arabia wear white tops in official office. That's why I asked for a second color. Thank God, there was a beige color. I took an extra corset  to replace it with one.
Today, seven months have passed since the operation, and thank God I am feeling well and I still feel a difference between myself and my colleagues. I advise everyone who is suffering from weight gain to come here and have the procedure done because it does not take time and effort like diet and exercise.

Praise and thanks go to God first and then to the doctor, the assistants , and all those who stood with me and helped me