I am 27 years old, and I was suffering from a broken nose, breathing problems, and many things other than my nose. I was suffering from them, such as being a little overweight, and having differences in the lower left side of my face versus the right side. For your information, I reside in Istanbul, so I started looking for an experienced doctor with A good reputation in the field of cosmetics, so I decided to visit Dr. Ulker in his clinic and I visited him. He examined me and took pictures of me and I booked an appointment after a week in order to arrange my affairs. After a week I had an operation in the hospital. They did all the procedures for me, including examinations and tests, and the anesthesiologist saw the results of the tests and admitted me to the operations after that. Dr. Ulker did not see me and he made drawings on the areas of suction and fat injection in the face. On the second day, I walked and the doctor came and looked at my conditions and discharged me from the hospital after making sure that my condition was good. After 5 days, I visited the doctor and he removed the splint, stents and surgical sutures. Thank God, things were fine. My nose is good, and as for the suction, it also removed the tubes and drained the blood. Thank God, after that, things were excellent, and now it has been three months since my operation, with amazing results.