I didn't want to write my true experience, but my sister asked me to say so that people could benefit, and she claims that I am jealous of her, and she had an operation because she was treated, but the truth is completely different. My sister, Zeina, and Hassoun, and I, suffer from a meat problem, and we wanted to have an operation for it, but My sister insists on getting a facelift, and I actually said to myself, “Once upon a time, we came to Turkey and let us have a facelift, but I didn’t get Botox like her. My only problem was that I suffer from allergies, and sometimes my nose gets clogged, and my son’s heartbeat suffers from the same problem. That’s why we wanted to do the operation.” .

And Doctor ilker, God willing, is very comfortable. He makes you feel like you are talking to your brother, and the assistant who was there was interpreting for me what he was talking about. He told me that the breathing problems disappear after the operation, and he showed me what the shape of the nose looks like after the operation, and that of my son, Hassoun, after that, he told me that this shape will not be perfect. Only after the bruising and swelling around the nose disappears, which takes one to six months.

The day we booked the operation, I was very afraid of the appearance of the nose, and I was afraid that the holes would appear like a structure we have in the building. I had an operation on her nose, and the holes would become apparent when you saw the face. I confirmed to Dr. ilker again so that he would see the patient before he went into the operation, and he assured me that the picture he saw me on the laptop would change. For numbers and he works based on them in the operating room. The operations took place while my heart was at my son’s heart because his hands were a little sore from the blood draw, but when I woke up from the operations,he was near me and telling me to pray for me. Before I went into the operation, I prayed to him and surrendered my situation to God. My face was hurting because of   surgical facelift is not like my sister, who had a thread lift because her skin had less sagging.

The pain in my face lessened with time, especially after the plasters were removed after five days, but there was a slight swelling that gradually went away with time. As for my cheek and Hassoun’s cheek, the swelling remained for a longer period after about a month. It went away, and every day every month it gets smaller than before, and I think the final shape will stabilize after that. Six months or a year, as we said.

The thing I don't forget most is the breath. It was difficult after the operation, but after the braces and splint were removed, my nose opened again and I felt the taste of food and drink after that.

Now, thank God, my face has become more beautiful, and my sister’s face, of course, and my son Hassoun’s face is a hero, giving credit to God, and thanks to Dr. ilker and for the help. I advise you, if you intend to undergo any plastic surgery, to come here and see what the doctor tells you, because he is a very understanding person.