May you be blessed with good health and beauty

I wanted to tell you about the thread-lifting procedure that I underwent two weeks after the liposuction procedure with Dr. ilker Manavbasi

Dr. ilker, God willing, became the family doctor after my daughter had a rhinoplasty. The first operation I had in Saudi Arabia a year and a half ago was unfortunately not successful, and the deviation is still permanent, in addition to the breathing problems that she is suffering from again.

After we talked, the Arabic doctor’s assistant and I made an appointment for me and my daughter on the same day to arrange for her to have a nose operation and me to have liposuction, and both operations were smooth, thank God.

That's why my daughter played in my head and said to me, "Mom, what do you think about getting a face lift, given that sagging is starting to appear on the cheeks and chin?" And I didn't lie. I went to the doctor and he assured me that the operation was simple, would not take much time, and would not cause pain. In fact, the operation was easy for me. I only suffered from slight pain after the operation, as you know, this pain is inevitable, but thank God, the sagging in the face has decreased greatly, and I now feel great psychological relief.

A thousand thanks and appreciation to the doctor who I advise everyone because he is patient and respectful, and I thank you for the help and the entire medical staff. You deserve the sweetest bouquet of flowers.

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