I had a gastric sleeve operation 3 years ago and lost my weight, praise be to God, from 135 to 75 kilos, and after that the weight lost.

I began to suffer from sagging in the abdominal and back area, along with the fat that kept accumulating and did not refuse to go away with exercise, even though I

I stayed in the gym for two years, and then I got bored and did not find any results. After that, I started thinking... and I made my decision..

I decided to have a tummy tuck and back liposuction and tightening

I searched and searched for a good doctor outside Bahrain and decided to work with him and found several names.

To hospitals and plastic doctors, but I went to a doctor named Ulker Manaf Bashi and sent him the pictures.

They reassured me that the operation was simple and that I would only need to spend a day in the hospital and then a week later

God willing, I will recover from the pain of the operation and he said that I will be able to return to work after 10 days.

I live my life normally

Of course, he reassured me that the operation was a simple procedure and that its effects would disappear with time

I put my trust in God and settled it after setting an appointment before arriving in Istanbul

My operation was at Istanbul Plastic Surgery Hospital and took 6 hours

Of course, I woke up afterward feeling dizzy and tired, but there was a lot of attention from the doctors at the hospital, and of course there was a translator once who had good taste and morals. She helped me a lot and eased my fear. This is his number for anyone who wants to contact her: 00905385844484, and she used to keep in touch with me even at night to check on me.

They put a drain on my stomach, a drain on my back, and a catheter

I felt pain, fatigue, and fatigue, especially in the first four hours when I woke up after the anesthesia

But on the second day, thank God, I felt better and the cysts helped me walk in the hospital corridor
The doctor came to me and checked on me, and then I left the hospital to the hotel. The doctor advised me to walk with my back bent over the surgical wound until the drain was removed, and he prescribed me a pain reliever and antibiotics.

6 days after the operation, my abdominal and back muscles were paralyzed

Now I have had 12 days of doing it

Thank God, I was comfortable once again, and my body shape was completely different, and my clothes showed a difference

Of course, the doctor said that after a month the appearance will still change, but all the fluids in my body will be gone

The wound will lessen its effect

Very comfortable and happy

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