They say that the operation I had - breast enlargement surgery using a silicone implant - is a dangerous operation, and that I was very hesitant before I had this operation because people say that it affects breastfeeding and that a woman after this operation will not be able to breastfeed normally.

I took an appointment from the doctor’s group who spoke Arabic and they asked me to come to the hospital and there I would see the doctor and he would answer all my questions. I came to the hospital and thought it was the doctor’s clinic at first, but Dr. Ulker’s assistants told me that the doctor spends most of his time in the hospital and only has time to go to the clinic. One day a week. I don't care about these details. I said the important thing is to see it

I waited for him a while before he came

The person who examined us confirmed to us that breastfeeding has nothing to do with the process and that the implant is placed in a place under the muscle, away from the breastfeeding cord. I trusted his words because I heard him well and his style of speaking indicates that the patient’s opinion and his problem with himself have priority. the operation

He was with me, my brother's son, on the day of the examination and the day of the operation yet, but I did not tell him what the operation was. All he knew was that the operation was for women, and I did not want to tell my brothers because the issue was sensitive to me. I told the assistant about this thing and I confirmed it to her. She told me that you should not eat, they are a large portion of the patients. We have a companion with them and nothing is known about them, such as the operation or health condition, and we maintain the privacy of this matter and discuss the issue.

On the day of the operation, I was very nervous because I was afraid of the result and the pain, but after I took the sedative, I fell asleep and did not feel anything, and when I woke up, my brother’s son was next to me, not knowing what the matter was and saying, “Be safe, aunt, you will not see evil, and I am hurting.” I asked one of the nurses to give me a sedative. I had pain to sleep, but they refused. They said that if the tremor goes away, we will give you a painkiller

I waited for the tremors to go away. I took the painkiller and became better. Thank God, the second day I left the hospital, my health condition was good. What is nice about the matter is that the result appears immediately and you do not have to wait for a long time like other suction and tightening operations.

Three days after the operation, I came to the clinic and met Dr. Ulker. He said that my health condition was good and that I could travel without any fear.

I traveled and did not forget to buy gifts for my friends and relatives because they thought that I went to Istanbul on vacation and my mother was the only one who knew the story and prayed for me.

I thank the doctor, the entire staff, the hospital, and the nurses for everything they did for me

And thank you for listening