Hello, I saw everyone posting your experience with Dr. Ulker and other plastic surgeons, so I wanted to share my experience with you too so that everyone can benefit from it, especially since I haven’t had the operation for a month.

First and foremost, be careful of the translators who tell you about hotel reservations and operations at very cheap prices and tell you that the doctor is making offers about the operations because there is definitely a prank behind her. They may promise you a big, famous doctor who wants to perform the operation and take you to another, novice doctor after they worked with me. Unfortunately, these are the children of our country and they are setting us up. The important thing is that you pay attention to who the point is.. After I ate the prank for the first time.. My husband made an appointment with the doctor. Ulker and I went and we were waiting in the clinic. We had the doctor’s assistant with us, who wanted to translate to me what I wanted. When we saw Dr. Ulker and he was passing by, my husband looked at me and said to me gloatingly, “I see how women are laughing at you. She brought you to Dr. Ulker himself.” They took you to a doctor who didn't know where you were coming from. Here the assistant laughed at us because we left the examination and started making out.

The important thing is that I, the assistant, and the doctor went to the examination room and said, “I intend to have a breast augmentation operation.” Of course, I was ashamed, and thank God, my husband did not miss it. The doctor asked me what size I wanted, and I chose from the size models that the doctor had. The size was 385 as I remember.. and I stressed that it should not be larger to fit my body because my height is 167 and my weight is 60. So, if it is larger, it will show that it is not normal.. Tell me, do not be afraid, we will only put the size that suits your body and the largest size. It reduces the back and neck. I was very reassured and relieved to be honest with the doctor. His words were logical and not an exaggeration. We scheduled the operation for the next day. And the next day came.

My surgery was at half past eight in the morning. I was not naturally in the state, and oh boy, I was drinking water. They drew blood from me for the analysis, and I waited for a while while they got the results of the analysis. In the meantime, the anesthesiologist came to my office and asked me a few questions about my age, weight, and height, and if I had anything to do with it. Or my mother or father has high blood pressure or diabetes. And if I smoke or not...then Dr. Ulker entered and determined the place where they would perform the operations. When they got the results of the blood test and gave me the anesthesia, they scheduled me for the operations. The translator who was with me said to me: You will take a cold out of the operating room. This is normal. Do not be nervous about the cold. They were lying on you and covering you with a fish blanket and an electric heater. It was my first operation, so I let the doctor’s assistant go with me to the surgery door. While we were on the elevator, I started counting like soap operas, and I thought I would fall asleep before I reached ten, but I had passed fifty and had not slept until I arrived. They took refuge and I didn't feel anything anymore

When I woke up, I was really cold when the translator told me, and they covered me with a thick blanket. Little by little, I started to wake up, and I found my husband next to me. When I woke up, they asked him if I had messed up the conversation during the anesthesia. He said: No, thank God, God will protect you.

The next day, I left the room and left the hospital. I went back to the doctor a week later to check on the situation, and he said it was fine, even though I felt hardness in my chest, but the doctor said this was normal and would go away after a few days. He wrote me an ointment to remove the scars where the wound was, and he assured me of a bra that I had to wear for a whole month.

I adhered to everything he said, and thank God the result is satisfactory. And after tomorrow I will stop wearing the corset and return to my normal life.

I advise everyone before performing any operation to stay calm and search on the Internet and not listen to anyone’s words, because there is nothing more clever than talk these days..