Peace be upon you girls
Firstly, I would like to give you an idea about me. I am a 25-year-old girl who does not cheat. On the contrary, everyone who sees me says that I am thin. My weight is 63 and my height is 163, but I have a defect that is hereditary. Unfortunately, no matter how much I diet, I do not lose weight. The important thing is that I became complicated in my life and decided to change. I kept looking around and asking, but the issue took me years. Our Lord honored me and I made the decision. I heard and read a lot about vaser liposuction, and I was convinced after I learned that it had no effects or harm. I went to a famous doctor and he confirmed to me that my condition was the same as this operation, and glory be to God, the decision took a week with me.

I prepared the money and asked God for help, and they set me a date for the operation and I went to have it done. This was last Thursday, meaning a week ago. I went in at 10 in the morning. Of course, fasting, I sat at the reception. I hope that I went to come to my confession. They did not tell me how my mother was. Come on, thank God. The important thing is that they took me out of my room on the basis that I would be ready until the doctor saw me. What is coming between you and me? Did I say this? Did I really turn around or what? The important thing is that it was a quarter of an hour ago. I found the nurse came and brought with her an operating shirt and told me to take off. I told her, “Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa to take off. She told me, "Let's act like a child and make an excuse when the doctor comes because I want to talk to him." She told me, "The doctor will definitely sit with you and talk."

I went in and took off, but I stayed in my underwear. The important thing is that another one came to put the needle in which they would put the solutions and open the vein. They took a blood sample and the anesthesiologist came to me and asked me several questions and I answered them.

An hour later, the test results appeared and were very good, thank God

The important thing is that a little while later, the doctor came and told me she was ready, and he went and told them to send her away. I went and that was at 12:15. I entered the operations. I was reassured between you and me. The important thing is that he kept me on guard and sat photographing and planning with a pen while I was blind. The important thing is that

When I woke up, it was 3:30. They put me on a corset from below the knee to below the chest. The important thing is that they continued to wear it, and I had fluids until 7 o’clock, and the doctor brought me two jars of oil and said, “Congratulations, the operation was successful, thank God.”

  I have all this and it is normal. I feel dizzy and have terrible pain in my legs and I do not know how to sit or sleep. Oh my God, it was a difficult day.
Except today, I got better, and the nurses took care of me and gave me painkillers in solutions and helped me walk because

The doctor asked for this so that I would get better and they would discharge me from the hospital. The doctor came to me and prescribed me antibiotics and painkillers

I was discharged from the hospital the second day and I was in pain and feeling bloated and bored. I forgot to tell you that the difference was clear after I left. They advised me not to take off the corset at all until it was time to sleep. Just take it off and take a shower and dry off well.

And return the dress

After 5 days, the important thing is that I cannot describe the pain to you and you cannot imagine. I do not know how to move or sleep or anything. The important thing is that the days counted and after that the pain lessened little by little.

There were light blue bruises, and the skin was yellow and wrinkled, and there were small holes, maybe less than a centimeter, in one place. The important thing is that I spoke to the doctor and told him. He said, Sorry, it's okay, don't hide. Today is the sixth day. I won't lie to you. It's hurting. My skin is starting to tighten a little, but thank God I feel a big difference. I've gotten rid of the fat. The one who abused my body and mechanized me

I wanted to tell you my experience in detail so that you can enjoy the experience with me, and I will continue to tell you something new. Pray for me.

Oh, it's an experience, and God willing, God is generous. Wait for me again so I can tell you about the developments....