Good morning. I am from Iraq. I am thirty-three years old. I want to tell you about my experience in correcting an old lift that I had done on my arm, but unfortunately it failed and left in its place a line , which was causing me a psychological problem.

I came to Istanbul to have an arm correction operation, Dr. ilker, and I am very afraid because the last time I had a doctor's surgery a year ago, and if after a new mark appears other than the old one, my arm looks like a real map.

I searched a lot on the Internet and found the clinic of Dr. ilker, one of the most famous plastic surgeons in Turkey. I called the number and said, “Oh, the doctor’s assistant speaks Arabic.” I told her my problem and sent her pictures on WhatsApp, and she showed them to the doctor who gave me an appointment at the hospital and said that the problem would be solved with the operation, with her permission. God.

I went to the hospital and met the doctor, with us, the translator, was helping me and explaining to me. The doctor said that fat would be suctioned out of the arm and the excess skin would be tightened and the condition would be corrected. I asked him if I could get liposuction in the back and flanks area. He said there were no problems.

My mother came with me on the day of the operation and stayed in the room waiting for me until I came out. I was very cold and shaking, and some of my teeth were chattering, but after a short time the pain went away, and frankly, I did not expect it to go away so quickly. I thought it would last until the night. But the tension continued to tighten on the body, and the problem was that I could not remove it before a month until it was time to take a bath.

One day after the operation, the doctor came and discharged me from the hospital. He reassured me that my condition was fine and that I could leave the hospital. She stressed to me the importance of eating red meat, chicken, and iron-rich foods in order to raise my blood levels.

As for the result, it appeared after three months, and I am happy with it, especially the shape of the arm, because the old line has been greatly modified, thank God. And after you know, liposuction’s effects appear after a month, and more than that, my back has weakened and my waist has weakened, and my self-confidence has increased from it.

The operation is a great blessing, and whoever of you is having an operation and needs it, I encourage him and tell him to still strengthen your heart.