Hello: First, I would like to begin by offering my sincere thanks to my beloved doctor, İlker

Manavbashi, specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery. . I had the surgery on January 2, 2012 and now I am very happy, thank God.

In the real sense, I have become a high and good personality. I have been conducting careful investigations regarding the best rhinoplasty doctors across Turkey for 6 months, and thank God I experience the joy of making the right decision with Dr. İlker. I got appointments from top 8 cosmetic doctors. Dr. Habib İlker was the 4th doctor I met with and I canceled the other appointments because I felt there was no need to make the other appointments. After meeting Mr. İlker, there was no question mark left in my head. The feeling of trust he gave me, his explanations, his smile, his interest, his confidence, his positive energy, his stillness, his calmness, his smiling face, and his demeanor influenced me to make the right decision. Mr. İlker also gave a seminar on his special techniques for collapse and bending of the nose, which has no parallel abroad. He published his articles in the most famous magazines in the world. Mr. Elker performed 3D work on the photos according to the desired nose shape. But it is proportioned according to height, body weight, and facial errors. He recommends a nose that suits your face and has a natural appearance. I am very lucky to have chosen Mr. İlker. I left the examination room feeling psychologically comfortable, at ease, and confident in myself. Despite his concern for patients, his love for his work, and his creation of miracles, his humble behavior affected me greatly. I am now very happy. Praise be to God, because the comments coming from my family and from the people in my surroundings, the same shape suits my face very well and is natural, and I have a very beautiful nose with it, saying: Thank you, doctor. Those who want to see my pictures can contact the doctor and see him. After the operation, I did not experience the frightening period of time of headache, pain, vomiting in the stomach, and the removal of the splint and stent, which my friends who had plastic surgery were subjected to.
I did not feel any knowledge, even a little bit, about removing the bumper and threads, although there were concerns about this. An hour after leaving the surgery, I thought I would stay in the hospital overnight, but I came home laughing and taking my medications regularly.

The bleeding, swelling and bruising were so minimal that it could be said they were non-existent. You notice that it goes away quickly within two days. I recommend the doctor to all people who wish to perform not only plastic surgery on the jaw, but also all other cosmetic surgeries. Do not make unnecessary investigations. Let your first action be to contact Mr. İlker.

I am pleased with Mr. Aylker. I don't know how to express my joy that comes from the heart. You can surrender yourself with comfort, safety, and happiness to his magical hands without any hesitation. He is a doctor created to do this job, and his success cannot be debated. I wish him a life full of health and wellness. I offer my new thanks again. With love and respect, and if anyone would like to contact him, 00905385844484